Don't Go to Your Next Parole Hearing Without Legal Representation

parole hearingThe statewide full-service criminal defense law firm of David B. Tarr, LLC, in Columbia, SC, provides quality legal representation for your upcoming parole hearing in South Carolina.

Attorney David Tarr has a lifelong commitment to the rights of criminal defendants, candidates for parole and parolees throughout our state. He has the ability to develop a productive rapport with parole officers and corrections system officials alike, as well as extensive legal knowledge, courtroom skills and 24/7 availability.

Do you have a parole hearing coming up?

The possibility of parole can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Protecting your rights at your parole hearing is important. The potential restoration of your freedoms is no small thing. It can be helpful and reassuring to have someone who is familiar with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (DPPPS) help you navigate the process. If this is your first opportunity to receive parole, the assistance of a qualified attorney gives you a better chance at success in front of the parole board. If you've appeared before the parole board in the past unsuccessfully, an attorney can assist in making certain you're afforded adequate opportunity to establish your growth and character.  Attorney David Tarr has assisted clients all over the state of South Carolina in parole hearing matters, and he's ready to serve you, too.​

How having an attorney can help you with your parole hearing

Your rights and potential restoration of your freedoms are of utmost importance to our firm. First-time parole hearing candidates are as vital to our practice as those who have been through the process before.

If you have a parole hearing on the horizon, the Law Office of David B. Tarr may be able to help. We've represented a number of parole candidates and perform the same duties for you, including:

  • Representing your interests before the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services (DPPPS)
  • Acquiring information on your case from the DPPPS
  • Investigating the details included in your record since you were convicted and incarcerated
  • Formulating and presenting the reasons that support your release
  • Making certain you know and understand your rights and options throughout each phase of the parole process
  • Providing 24/7 availability to you and your family members so you always know how your case is progressing.

Using extensive research to inform his persuasive arguments, Attorney David Tarr will always strive to put you in the best possible position to achieve a positive outcome. For more than 20 years, David Tarr has continued to speak up for the rights of criminal defendants, and he's ready to use his voice to advocate for you as well.

If you have a parole hearing coming up, we can help you

At the Law Office of David B. Tarr we’re committed to protecting the rights of candidates for parole and parolees. If you're having a parole hearing in the near future and want to make sure your best interests are properly represented, contact David Tarr for help. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls and answer your questions. Contact us online or call us at 803-238-7967 to schedule your ​free initial consultation.