Marijuana charges are still serious in SC

possession of marijuana | simple possessionUnlike some other states, law enforcement officers make more arrests for marijuana charges than for any other controlled substance. They also make more mistakes during these arrests than most others, which provides a skilled, experienced attorney the opportunity to get any marijuana charge dropped or reduced.

Attorney David Tarr aggressively represents the rights of individuals charged with drug crimes. In his 20 years of criminal defense experience, David Tarr has provided skilled and dedicated legal representation for numerous clients facing marijuana charges of all types.

Our law office defends individuals across the state of South Carolina facing marijuana charges including:

Through careful research and thoughtful analysis of the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, we determine whether any evidence of an illegal search and seizure may exist. We carefully review the reasons given by law enforcement for why your home, car, or dorm room was searched, and examine the validity of the search warrant and any possibility that suggests your rights were potentially violated.

Already convicted of marijuana charges or another drug crime?

Contact the Law Office of David Tarr for assistance in seeking relief from your drug crime conviction. David Tarr can assist you in pursuing post-conviction relief, including expungement. For college students convicted of a drug crime, taking this step is often the best option available to minimize or eliminate any future non-criminal consequences on your education or employment opportunities.

In addition to my criminal defense practice, I am also the only lawyer in the Midlands of SC who is a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Need a Lawyer for Marijuana Charges?

Attorney David Tarr fiercely defends all of his clients, regardless of the charges. A strong advocate against the severity of marijuana laws, David Tarr is the only Midlands attorney with membership in the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).