DUI Administrative HearingIf you've been arrested for drunk driving in Richland County and are facing a Richland County DUI/DWI administrative suspension hearing, at the Law Office of David B. Tarr, we can help. David Tarr is an experienced DUI lawyer and is willing to walk you through each step of the DUI legal process, including the administrative hearing. He has the knowledge and familiarity with the DUI administrative hearing process to make sure you're able to drive pending the outcome of your case. For an attorney that will fight to protect your driving privileges, call our office for a free consultation today!

What is A DUI Administrative Hearing?

A DUI Administrative Hearing is not the Same as a Criminal Court Hearing. If you've been charged with a DUI you may not be aware you'll have to go through both an administrative process and a criminal process. Most people have some idea or expectation of the criminal court hearings that accompany a charge of driving under the influence. However, the state also takes an interest in your driving privileges after you've been charged with a DUI. This means you're subject to a DUI Administrative Hearing conducted by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) to determine whether or how long to suspend your driving privileges. You have only 30 days to schedule this hearing!

How an Automatic Driver's License Suspension Works in South Carolina

In certain situations, the state may enforce an automatic driver's license suspension against you. This most often occurs:

  • If you refuse a breath test or any other test you’re requested to take, or
  • If you take a test and you blow .15 or higher

In the first instance, you will automatically lose your driving privileges for six months. In the second, your license is suspended for 30 days.

You may still be able to obtain an administrative driver’s license that provides for restricted driving privileges. To use your restricted license, you'll first need to pay for and install an ignition interlock device and take care of any maintenance fees that may arise. David Tarr can make sure you're afforded a DUI Administrative Hearing to have an opportunity to obtain restricted driving privileges.

We can help you protect your license

David Tarr has the experience, knowledge, and skill to represent you both in the administrative hearing and criminal hearing. He's familiar with the strict filing deadlines that come with a DUI and knows how to handle your charges efficiently. To protect your license, contact us right away. We'll get started on your DUI Administrative Hearing process so you experience as little inconvenience as possible.