Have you been arrested for a parole violation or probation violation in Columbia or elsewhere in South Carolina?

Our law office offers full-service criminal defense help. Many years of experience can work in your favor. Whether you are seeking a parole or probation reinstatement, a posting of bond or a plea bargain. Those duties require legal knowledge, negotiating skills and client commitment. You should expect those benefits from a lawyer with 20 years of service to criminal defendants.

Handling a Probation Violation in South Carolina

probation violationThe South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (DPPPS) is the government's regulatory department responsible for handling all probation and parole matters. If you've been paroled or sentenced to probation, the DPPPS assigns a probation and parole officer to your case. These officers are responsible for overseeing the terms and conditions of your probation or parole, and you're expected to check in with the assigned officer at designated times to avoid a violation of probation or parole. It’s not uncommon for your probation and parole officer to ask you take a drug test when you meet with them. Local authorities will alert the officer assigned to your case if you’re arrested for breaking the law.

If a violation of probation or parole takes place

A violation of probation or parole normally results in a hearing before a judge who decides whether a violation did in fact occur. In addition to detailing for the judge the facts and nature of your violation, your probation and parole officer may also speak to their overall experience in their dealings with you during the course of your probation or parole. They may speak to your attendance to designated check-ins, the behavior or attitude you exhibited to them, and any other facts or circumstances they think may be relevant to the judge's determination. In most cases, after hearing from the probation and parole officer, the judge will want to hear from you and ask you some questions.

Having an experienced attorney to represent you in cases of your alleged violation of probation or parole is beneficial in obtaining a productive outcome from your hearing. Your attorney will speak with both the officer and the judge on your behalf to minimize any potentially negative consequences you may otherwise face. David Tarr has experience in negotiating with probation officers, and will advise and assist you in gathering character witnesses to appear at the hearing on your behalf. These character witnesses can provide testimony that in many instances has produced a positive effect on the judge's decision and the outcome of your case.

Benefits of Legal Representation for Parole or Probation Violation

David Tarr works to coordinate your case with your probation and parole officer, and his efforts can be instrumental in preventing the filing of any violation against you. From judges to district attorneys, he has cultivated harmonious working relationships with a variety of authorities throughout South Carolina to provide his clients with an effective, respected force on their side throughout the process. He seeks to achieve the best outcome possible for his clients charged with parole and probation violations by addressing factors such as:​

  • New law violations
  • Technical violations
  • Violations of community control
  • Positive drug tests
  • Modified supervision
  • Early termination of parole or probation.

Our cooperation with your parole or probation officer can be instrumental in preventing the filing of any violation. If modifications in your parole or probation agreement are in order, we will do everything we can to see them put in place.

Our office will maintain an informative, respectful dialog with the judge in your case, because in a parole or probation violation hearing, prosecutors need not prove your guilt for the criminal charge that originally sent you to jail or prison. Rather, a judge will decide whether you violated your parole or probation.

​We can help you with the potential violation of your probation or parole

If you believe there may be an outstanding warrant on you due to a violation of probation or parole, or you believe your probation officer is investigating you, the Law Office of David B. Tarr specializes in criminal defense cases. To schedule a free consultation you can reach me online or call 803-238-7967. Phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No attorney in South Carolina can match our around-the-clock, year-round availability.