Below are some Frequently asked questions

Look through the list below, you might find just the information you were looking for!

Yes, David Tarr answers his own phone in or out of the office. You do not have to go through a call screener.

No. When you hire David, David is your lawyer. There is no bait and switch at the Law Office of David Tarr.

As soon as possible. Some matters such as requesting preliminary or administrative hearings are time sensitive. And, you want someone fighting on your side as soon as possible. Also, if you are contacted by law enforcement prior to a possible arrest, you should contact a lawyer at that time to make sure your rights are protected.

It certainly isn’t cheap. However, at the Law Office of David Tarr, a reasonable fee will be quoted that is competitive with other law firms in the area.

It is customary in the area of criminal defense to pay in advance. Under some circumstances, I may be able to take payments. Please don’t hesitate to inquire. If I am unable to accommodate you, I certainly would be able to refer you to a competent attorney who might be able to help you.

At the Law Office of David Tarr, I accept pretty much any form of payment. Cash, check, credit or debit cards, cashapp, venmo, paypal, zelle, and even wire transfers.

I will make every effort to be available to you on your schedule. This includes making myself available on nights and weekends. I know not everyone works the same hours or has the same responsibilities and obligations.  Just call me and we will make it happen.

Absolutely not. The first consultation is always free.

It would be very helpful if you bring any and all paperwork associated with your case. And, if you have any documents or other evidence that could help in your defense, you could bring that information as well.

Usually not, often Mr. Tarr can get you excused, or appear on your behalf.

Yes. An attorney can help you secure a lower bond or a bond that doesn’t require any money down (PR Bond).

Not immediately.  However, if an administrative hearing is requested within 30 days, you can be back on the road very quickly. Call to find out how I can help.

Absolutely. This is a right that you have for cases in that court.  But, you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to do it.  So, please call now.

Only if you are convicted. So, you want to take every precaution to avoid a conviction. The first step is to hire an experienced attorney.

Absolutely not. I have great track record of getting my clients a second chance in that situation.

You want to make sure your attorney has adequate time to prepare for such an important hearing.  It is ideal to hire an attorney for a parole hearing several months before the hearing.  If that is not feasible, just try to do it as soon as you can before the hearing.


Yes. I make every attempt to give you my opinion of what will happen. I try to under promise and over deliver. I don’t ever want to give a client false hope or have them be disappointed.

I often hear this complaint from people who have hired other attorneys.  NO, you will have my cell phone number and can call or text me any time. My response will be immediate or I will get back to you asap if I am in court or otherwise unavailable. Your wait time for a response is usually seconds, not minutes.