South Carolina Theft Defense Attorney

caught stealing, you need a theft defense attorneySouth Carolina Defense Attorney David Tarr has been defending clients against theft charges for more than 20 years, and he's ready to defend you, too. Theft is a broad legal term that encompasses a number of more specific charges. David Tarr handles criminal defense and represents those arrested for theft related charges such as:


​Theft​ is an expansive, somewhat vague term that is used to describe crimes classified in a number of categories and in varying degrees. In general, though, it is understood legally as the taking of the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive them of it. As the law sees it, you have to both take someone's property and have the intention of never giving it back. The second of these two requirements--intent--is where most cases fail.

​If you’re facing theft charges, know your options

If your facing theft charges for the first time, you may be eligible for certain programs that could lead to getting your charges dropped or dismissed. If arrested on a misdemeanor theft charge, for forgery, or as a fraudulent offender, these programs may be an option for you.

Pursuing a successful defense

​At the Law Office of David B. Tarr, we work with a team of expert investigators who help us to try and resolve your case quickly and efficiently. Fighting to ensure your constitutional right to due process, we argue vigorously to see that your charges are potentially be dismissed or reduced and recommend alternative penalties on the basis of your charges. We speak up for your right to restored freedom or rehabilitation and work with court personnel and prosecutors to see that you are treated fairly.​

​David Tarr started his career as a dedicated public defender before moving into private practice with the hope of helping even more people. His focus has always been on criminal defense, and he has devoted his entire legal career to securing the rights of individuals facing criminal charges.

Put David's record of success and effective negotiation skills to work for you

David Tarr has experience, a record of success before juries, and effective negotiation skills, and with 24/7 availability, he is committed to making certain his clients know he's there for them. David B. Tarr​ is available to meet with you at our office, at a police station, or even in a jail.