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Client Testimonials

Super professional, gets things done timely. With over a decade of knowledge, experience, and relationships in South Carolina.

E. D.

A little over a year ago I needed the help of an attorney for some very serious accusations. I contacted David Tarr and he acted immediately. He was able to, not only get me out of a horrible situation that could have jeopardized my life, but he was able to prevent any charges from ever being filed. During the entire process, David was considerate, accessible, knowledgeable, and on top of the situation. I would definitely hire him again if I ever needed legal assistance and feel confident in his abilities to get the best possible outcome.

T. L.

Mr. Tarr was impeccably professional and provided me with the very best legal services. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a defense attorney!

D. S.

David Tarr helped me tremendously in my criminal defense. He was knowledgeable of the law and was very prepared for court. He met me at a location near me because i did not have a ride available. He facilitated the court process and I will continue to use David Tarr as a lawyer.

J. C.

David has always gone above and beyond for myself and friends of mine when we needed him. He has exceptional communication a clear understanding of the laws, and knows how to get things done in Columbia. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend David Tarr to anyone needing the help of an attorney.

D. S.

Mr. Tarr is an AWESOME lawyer! He promptly started working on my case and made me feel at ease while I was worrying over whether or not I'd have a record if I was charged. He is professional but genuinely cared about the outcome. Not only did he get one of my charges SIGNIFICANTLY reduced to a minor speeding ticket, he got my other charge DROPPED completely! I would definitely recommend Mr. Tarr as your criminal defense attorney! He's on my speed dial!

Z. E.

David was referred to me after a DUI charge by the City of Columbia. He promptly gathered the facts about my case, met with the city attorney and officers involved in the case and had it taken care of in a prompt and professional manner, all for a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend him for criminal defense.

B. D.

David took my case and won!!! Once we agreed on a fee (which was very reasonable and never increased) David was in for the long haul. My case took two years to resolve because the solicitors office wanted me to take a plea deal.. David never ask me to do that just so he could move on to the next case. That was a long time. In all that time he always returned my calls and txt within a couple of hours... even when he was out of town! He stood his ground and didn't get pushed around in the courtroom. I'm glad I found a guy like that. You should call him!

T. 181

We did not linger in the judicial system by missing important dates and he was by our side representing us at each step. Mr. Tarr was very knowledgeable of the legal system and that allowed us to navigate through hearings, sentencing and programs for a favorable outcome. We would not hesitate to use his services again if the situation arose.

C. W.

David Tarr is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. David is a very personable man who truly takes ownership of your case and genuinely cares about the outcome of whatever circumstances yours may be. He is diligent in putting in whatever work is necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for you. I have used David on more than one occasion and have been delightfully pleased at the outcome of each. I am not saying this because I got lucky or because David had the judicial system in his "pocket" as many lawyers are known for, but because he worked his ass off both times I retained him as my legal counsel. David Tarr is in my opinion, the best real lawyer in South Carolina. He is the lawyer who's card I have in my wallet and in the center console of my vehicle. You can get a sense of all of what I am saying by the end of your first meeting with him. If you're in a bind, call David Tarr and you will not be disappointed. Even if the cops and the solicitor have you dead to rights on your case, David has the people skills and the legal expertise to negotiate the best possible plea that you will get.

R. O.