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It is no secret that children tend to get in trouble more than adults. Their brains are developing and curious to learn how the world works. The raging hormones and peer pressure does not make things better. These distractions can lead to impulsive and unwise choices. Children should not be treated as adults when they violate the law due to their poor youthful decisions.

When your child's freedom is at stake, it is essential to seek legal advice and counsel from an experienced juvenile defense attorney. David Tarr is a skilled juvenile defender with years of experience in Family Court. He is equipped to navigate the complexities of the juvenile court system and competently protect the rights of young offenders. Call him today for free juvenile case evaluation if your child has been charged with a juvenile offense in South Carolina.

The Juvenile Court System in South Carolina Is Different from the Adult Court System

The South Carolina law understands the difference between a child and an adult. As a result, it has created a separate system to deal with juveniles under 17 years accused of misdemeanor and delinquency. You can find these laws in South Carolina's Juvenile Justice Code(SCJJC).

The juvenile court system is focused on rehabilitation and producing law-abiding citizens. Most juvenile cases are heard at Family court unless they are tried as adults. There is no right to a jury. Instead, a Family Court judge handles such cases. The probation officer, the deputy district attorney, and the judge should work together to find the best way to rehabilitate the juvenile and keep the records sealed and confidential.

Juvenile court comes with specific procedures and terms different from adult courts. South Carolina law dictates that minors should have an attorney to represent them. Hiring an attorney who understands the rules and regulations of a juvenile court process can make all the difference in your child's case.

David Tarr understands how scary it can be for a child to face court and will guide you through this strange and troubling process. He is committed to understanding and defending young people from the lifelong consequences of a juvenile adjudication.

What Are the Common Juvenile Crimes in A Family Law Court?

As parents, we never want to see our children on the wrong side of the law. That is why it is terrifying when your child is charged with a crime or offense. Any person, including law enforcement, can file a petition in a family court of an alleged crime or status offense against a minor.

Some of the common criminal charges in Juvenile court include:

Regardless of the alleged offense, minors have a constitutional right to juvenile defense counsel and are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. You should contact a juvenile defense attorney if your child is accused of juvenile delinquency as soon as possible to help protect his/her rights.

David Tarr aggressively defends his young clients, ensuring their identity and criminal records are sealed and expunged. Contact me for the best juvenile criminal defense in South Carolina counties, including Calhoun, Richland, Aiken, Newberry, Lexington, and Orangeburg.

What Is the Penalty for Juvenile Criminal Conviction In South Carolina?

Penalties for juvenile crimes vary depending on the severity of the offense. Some juvenile criminal offenses have serious consequences which can jeopardize future opportunities despite the privileges provided by the juvenile justice code.

A repeat offender is also likely to get harsher punishment than a first-time child offender. A family judge can sentence a juvenile found guilty of a crime to:

  • Probation
  • Counseling
  • Community service
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Incarceration in juvenile detention camps

Why You Need Juvenile Defense in Columbia, SC

The juvenile system is primarily designed for rehabilitation. However, popular views toward punishment may have eroded its reformation ideals. The stakes are even higher for the juvenile offenders in the system than those not yet convicted and awaiting trials.

Even though the law protects minors' criminal records with few exemptions, sometimes it is impossible to guarantee the records are sealed and deleted completely. Consequently, the court records can have a long-term impact on certain aspects of a youth's life, such as education, finances, access to housing, voting rights, immigration status, or employment.

The role of a juvenile defender is to ensure that children accused of juvenile offenses are treated with dignity and respect. I understand that the criminal justice system should only apply to children who present a real threat to the community. Also, detention facilities should be the last resort for juvenile offenders .

An attorney, parent, or legal guardian must be present during police interrogation to enforce the minor's rights

At the Law Office of David B. Tarr, I'm devoted to articulating, guiding, and protecting the legal interests of children in conflict with the law. I am skilled in handling any complications that may arise from juvenile cases. I also see that your young one's record is sealed and protected from public record so as not to impact their future opportunities and the likelihood of success.

As a juvenile defense attorney, I ensure to get all the details and make the judge aware of all facts and circumstances around the case. Whether it is an instance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or peer pressure, hanging out with the wrong crowd or bad influences.

Trustworthy Juvenile Defense Attorney in Columbia, SC

No one wants to see their child accused of a crime in a family court. At the Law Office of David B. Tarr, I believe that youthful mistakes should not define your child's future. If you or your young one is in trouble with the law, I am ready to help. As an experienced juvenile defense attorney, I know all the tactics and evidence to build the strongest case and will explain all the available legal options.