Need a 24 Hour DUI Attorney?

police car pulling over someone for a DUI

DUI charges in South Carolina can be devastating. You may end up losing your license, paying expensive fines, or even with jail time. A DUI defense lawyer with experience can assist you. David Tarr is available 24/7 to defend you.

What should you look for in a DUI lawyer in Columbia?

1. First and Foremost, experience.

There's no substitute for decades of experience, relationships, and knowledge when it comes to defending a DUI.

2. Find a DUI lawyer who will listen to you

David Tarr is an experienced SC DUI Lawyer. He knows what questions to ask when you've been charged with DUI in SC. He also knows that listening to your answers is the best route to a successful defense. He understands that the facts and circumstances of your case are unique, and he wants to hear the details.

3. Choose a DUI attorney who'll have your back

For most clients, anxiety sets in the moment they're pulled over. You may have never been in trouble before, and have no idea what to do. You can rely on David Tarr. He will explain each step of the legal process to you so you will know what to expect in the future. He’ll take the time to learn everything about your case so that he can mount the best defense possible.

4. Seek out a highly rated DUI Attorney in Columbia SC

Since 2019 David has been listed as one of "Three Best Rated" DUI lawyers in Columbia! To be included, lawyers must be expert recommended, and face a rigorous 50 point inspection. Those points  include: customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

He also has numerous 5 star reviews on Google for his defense of DUI cases.

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What you need to know if you get a DUI in SC

As with any criminal charge, there are things that can make your penalties less severe, and things that might increase the severity of your penalties.

What factors might help your DUI case?

A good DUI attorney takes great care in reviewing a case to determine if there are grounds to dismiss the charges. In some cases, arresting officers may commit serious errors that could ultimately lead to charges getting thrown out. These are some of the issues they should look for that may influence your case:

  • whether the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion to pull you over;
  • whether the police officer properly administered the field sobriety test;
  • whether the breathalyzer test is potentially inaccurate;
  • how the police force handled evidence related to your breathalyzer or field sobriety test;
  • whether this is your first DUI offense.

What factors might make your DUI Charge worse than normal?

How bad the penalties of a DUI in South Carolina are depend on a number of factors, including:

  • if you have any previous DUI convictions;
  • whether you caused an accident while driving under the influence;
  • whether you took a breath test, and how the results of the test were handled;
  • your level of intoxication (BAC).

A Columbia DUI attorney who is successful understands that your sentence could be reduced, dismissed, or even thrown out, based on all of the details of your case.

DUI Charges can be complex

You should choose an attorney who will go to bat for you as you handle the many challenges that can go along with a DUI.

  • DUI administrative hearings. In addition to your court case, you'll need to schedule and attend a hearing by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days. This may determine whether or not your license is suspended.
  • Repeat and felony DUI charges. The law uses a 10 year look-back period for these charges. If you've had a DUI in the last 10 years, you'll be charged as a repeat offender. These are serious criminal charges, and having an experienced DUI lawyer is crucial to a good outcome.
  • Underage drinking and driving - MIP Charges. There are a different set of rules and penalties for DUI in someone not yet old enough to legally drink. Given the long life ahead of them, avoiding a DUI conviction will prevent roadblocks in both education and future employment.

What kind of Consequences will you face if you’re arrested for DUI?

Since 2008, South Carolina DUI laws are in line with most of the rest of the country. The legal penalties confronting you after a Columbia DUI arrest are both financially and personally costly. A charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated is often accompanied by:

  • high fines and court costs;
  • a high chance of a suspended drivers license;
  • expensive SR-22 insurance for three years;
  • court ordered drug and alcohol treatment program;
  • jail time;
  • if you’re a College Student, loss of FAFSA eligibility
  • a negative effect on your current and future employment options.

A skilled DUI attorney can help mitigate those penalties, so you can maintain your quality of life, in spite of a DUI charge. Find out more about DUI Penalties.

David Tarr is a Columbia SC DUI attorney that is reliable, honest, and has your best interests at heart.

If you've been charged with a DUI, timing is very important, that's why David Tarr is available 24 hours. Letting the process unfold without a solid defense can work against you. Knowing you have someone on your side with a plan will decrease your levels of stress and worry.

The same advice applies if you've been charged with Boating Under the Influence (BUI). The sooner you get representation, the better. Find out more about BUI Charges in South Carolina.

As one of the best DUI attorneys in Columbia, David Tarr knows how to analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding your case with a well-trained eye. He will listen to you, and go over the case files carefully, to find potential grounds for a dismissal of your charges or a reduced sentence.

During his 28 years of criminal defense, David Tarr has built relationships in the Columbia judicial system, has a record of success before juries, and possesses effective negotiation skills to resolve your case with the best possible outcome.