Underage Drinking and MIP

beer pongThere are a number of colleges and universities in Columbia and its neighboring areas that draw thousands of students to the area each year. With the numerous collegiate sporting events and social gatherings, it's not surprising that the potential for legal trouble is high. Unfortunately, it's not unusual for young people in the Midlands area to find themselves dealing with situations that can involve disorderly conduct, underage drinking, drunk driving, marijuana possession, other drug crimes, theft, sex crimes, and even violent crimes.

No one sets out with the intention of becoming entangled in legal problems, but it's not difficult to find yourself getting sucked into a compromising position or winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time. For more than 20 years, Columbia criminal defense attorney, David Tarr, has provided knowledgeable assistance to young people who’ve become unexpectedly enmeshed in a criminal case. David Tarr has a track record of successfully minimizing the negative repercussions students face.

Confronting a charge of MIP for underage drinking

​​​For many college students, getting ticketed or arrested for MIP (minor in possession) is often a story of wrong place, wrong time. The most difficult thing to stomach can be the fact that you weren't drinking when you were ticketed. You're at a party and someone hands you a cup containing alcohol asking you to hold it for a moment. A split second later, the police show up. If you're holding a cup with alcohol in it, they can write you the ticket regardless of whether you’ve been drinking. These cases are the definition of unfair.

Underage drinking and DUI Charges

A choice to get behind the wheel after you've been drinking isn't exactly your finest hour. Anyone charged with driving under the influence or while intoxicated has a lot on the line pending a positive disposition of their case. Students aren't just anyone, though. Not only do you face the severe penalties that everyone else deals with in a DUI case, but the possibility of expulsion from school or losing your financial aid accompanies an arrest for DUI.

​If you've been arrested for underage drinking or any other crime, David Tarr can help​​

Regardless of the severity of charges and penalties you're facing, David Tarr can offer you the benefit of experienced criminal defense and the know how to limit the penalties, regardless of the crime you're charged with. David Tarr has worked with young people for years, championing their cause and helping them successfully avoid the loss of financial aid, expulsion from school, and prosecution by the state.

​David Tarr defends students attending colleges and universities throughout the Midlands area, including:

  • The University of South Carolina
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Allen University
  • Benedict College
  • Newberry College
  • South Carolina State University
  • Claflin University.

​If you're a young person or the parent of a young person charged with a criminal offense, contact David Tarr today to schedule your free initial consultation. Reach him online or by calling 803-238-7967.


Attorney David Tarr has remained committed to the rights of South Carolina's criminally accused since 1995.
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