Juvenile Defense Lawyer in South Carolina

In South Carolina, most cases involving criminal charges against a juvenile are adjudicated in Family Court. Juvenile defense matters are subject to different laws in a separate legal system from that of adults. These laws are found in the South Carolina Juvenile Justice Code (SCJJC) and apply to those age seventeen or younger. If your child is in trouble with the law, you need a juvenile defense lawyer who is skilled in representing and advocating for children under the age of eighteen.

We work to make you feel hopeful, not helpless

For a parent, there's nothing more agonizing than the feeling of helplessness that can come from realizing you have no way to protect or prevent your child from harm. You're worried that one mistake can create devastating consequences in your child's life, whether it's their reputation, or actual time locked up, away from home, with other youthful offenders. We want to put your mind at ease right away, and assure you that you aren't helpless. David Tarr is an experience juvenile defense lawyer that will work tirelessly to protect your child's best interests.

Protecting the rights of young people

At the Law Office of David B. Tarr, it's our job to make sure our young clients receive the benefit of the privileges they're afforded under the juvenile justice laws. We have experience in protecting minors from the disadvantageous consequences that may arise as a result of a criminal record. To make certain their rights are enforced, minors are entitled to have their names kept confidential and have their parents, legal guardian, or attorney present during a police interrogation. Having in mind the goal of protecting a child's privacy and potential future interests, the law allows for a minor's record to be sealed. As a juvenile defense lawyer, David Tarr will ensure that your child's record is sealed and protected from public record.

Family Court and Juvenile Charges

Cases involving minors charged with a criminal offense are handled by the Family Court. It's important that the accused be represented by a lawyer who is familiar with the complexities of the law in the Family Court system and is aware of how it significantly diverges in process and procedure from that of General Sessions Court where adults are tried on criminal charges.

David B. Tarr has defended children against charges in areas such as:

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At the Law Office of David B. Tarr, we believe that one bad decision doesn't deserve to dictate your child's future. For over 20 years, David B. Tarr has navigated the nuanced laws that govern the juvenile criminal justice system. During that time, he has amassed a great deal of experience, but more importantly, his compassion for those facing tough situations has never stopped growing. Contact the Law Office of David B. Tarr either online or by calling 803-238-7967 for experience and compassion you can trust.