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Today, roughly 30% of adults in the United States own a gun, and another 36% are open to the idea of owning one. Whether you’re an avid gun owner or a novice, it’s your responsibility to understand the gun laws where you live.

South Carolina recently passed a law that allows gun owners to open carry. Read the points below to learn more about these new laws and how they will affect you.

Understand What the Open Carry Law States

When it comes to things like gun or drug laws, you need to understand your rights. A simple oversight or misinterpretation of the law in these situations can result in a criminal record.

The Governor of South Carolina recently signed a new open carry law into effect that will allow gun owners to openly carry their weapons on them while walking or riding in an automobile. In order to open carry, you must first have a valid concealed carry permit.

To get a concealed carry permit, you must complete a firearms safety course and pass an examination. Many of these courses can even be taken online. You have to be 21 or older and furnish a photo ID in order to receive a concealed carry permit.

As part of South Carolina’s new, you will no longer have to pay a fee to receive a permit.

Find Out When the Law Takes Effect and How It Will Be Enforced

Now that the law was voted on, it went into effect on August 15th. The gun that you open carry has to be less than a foot long.

Open carry permit holders can openly have the gun on their holster or openly displayed in a vehicle. There are also areas where you can’t legally open carry, such as school zones, courthouses, and any business or property with a “No Concealable Weapons” sign posted.

People who violate this part of the law will be subject to charges and revocation of their concealed carry permit for a year.

Learn All About Maintaining Your Concealed Carry

Getting a CWP SC is a decision that many gun owners make. When you apply for one of these permits, your firearms training must have occurred within three years of applying for it.

Once you’ve received a concealed carry permit, make sure to keep your permit valid by renewing it whenever necessary. The state of South Carolina requires concealed carry permit holders to renew every 5 years.

Look Into Your Gun Rights as a South Carolina Resident

The tips above will help you out if you’d like to know more about the new open carry laws in South Carolina. This is something that every gun owner needs to know about to protect their rights.

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