The Different Drug Classes and Drug Possession Penalties

Drug Crimes

The Different Drug Classes and Drug Possession Penalties

drug possession penalties

Almost 1,600,000 people were arrested for drug violations in the U.S. in 2016. More than 84% of the arrests were for possession of a controlled substance. Were you charged with possession of a controlled substance in South Carolina? Drug possession penalties vary depending on the drug classification. Read on to learn more about drug classifications…

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Why You Need a Criminal Drug Lawyer

Criminal Drug Lawyer

Being charged with possession of marijuana or another controlled substance in the state of South Carolina is serious business. If you are facing this kind of criminal charge, you need the help of an experienced drug lawyer. Here are four reasons why you need to retain an attorney with a strong background in criminal drug…

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Charged with Simple Possession in South Carolina

charged with simple possession

You might think that since marijuana laws are getting more relaxed, and even eliminated, in other states, that being charged with simple possession in South Carolina isn’t a big deal…but you’d be wrong; it’s still a huge deal. You could end up spending time in jail, in addition to paying massive fines and court costs.…

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