Drug Crimes

If you’re charged with a drug crime; whether it is marijuana charges or possession with intent to distribute, David Tarr is an experienced lawyer who will work hard to get the best outcome possible for you.

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Possession With Intent to Distribute

The difference between possession with intent to distribute, and illegal drug possession, is significant in the South Carolina justice system. If you face PWID charges, you are more likely to face severe charges, requiring a solid criminal defense strategy. You require a criminal lawyer with profound experience with the SC laws as soon as possible…
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Ranked: The 4 Most Common Drug Offenses in South Carolina

Over half a million people are incarcerated for drug offenses in the United States of America. Additionally, the police make over a million arrests on drug possession charges alone in a given year. Other drug offenses include drug trafficking, manufacturing of drugs, distribution of drugs, and DUIs. This article looks at the most common drug offenses in…
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The Different Drug Classes and Drug Possession Penalties

Drug Possession Penalties Depend on the Drug Classification Approximately 1,155,610 individuals are arrested every year for drug law violations in the United States. However, 86.7% of these arrests are for possession of a controlled substance. More importantly, possession of a controlled substance, especially in South Carolina, will have different penalties depending on the drug classification…
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