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SC Weed Laws: Is it Legal?

In SC Weed Laws are Slow to Change “Pretty soon it’s gonna be legal everywhere, man.” Whether you agree with this prediction or not, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the current marijuana laws in your home state, and any state you might be traveling in. When it comes to marijuana charges in South Carolina,…
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How to Get a Simple Possession Charge Expunged in SC

If the police charge you with drug possession in South Carolina, you may worry that this situation will be on your permanent record. It’s true that getting arrested for a drug-related offense can cause trouble later in life. Criminal records can come up when you are applying for academic programs, jobs, or loans. A possession…
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Charged with Simple Possession in South Carolina

You might think being charged with simple possession of marijuana in South Carolina isn’t a big deal, given that many other states are relaxing their cannabis laws. You’d be wrong. Pot is still illegal in SC, and simple possession charges are a huge deal. In South Carolina, weed is classified as a Schedule I controlled…
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