Defending College Students

No college student intends to get in trouble with the law, but you might find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Attorney David Tarr can defend you to help keep your record clean.

fafsa eligibility

FAFSA with a Felony: Are you still eligible?

Do you have a misdemeanor or felony on your criminal record? Are you worried that your legal issues will ruin your FAFSA eligibility? Consequences of a criminal conviction can have a major impact on juveniles and college students. In some cases, they can strip you of any potential financial aid. These consequences differ based on…
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college students drinking cocktails

South Carolina Fake ID Laws And Penalties You Should Know

Fake ID possession is often associated with college students, especially underage drinkers. Most states, including South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland, have strict laws governing underage clubbing, drinking and smoking. As a result, many minors resort to obtaining fake ID cards to buy alcohol, gain entry into bars and operate vehicles. This is one of the…
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possession controlled substance

Possession of Controlled Substance Charges

Possession of controlled substance is a serious charge. Drug offenses like possession of a controlled substance are not uncommon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act quickly to protect yourself if you’ve been charged with a crime involving drugs. You’ll need a criminal defense attorney who’s very familiar with these types of charges, and the…
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dui college - dui defense

Have you been charged with a DUI in College?

Is a DUI in College going to ruin your life? If you’re a college student who has just been charged with a DUI first offense you’re probably feeling many things: scared, angry at yourself, and maybe even disappointed. Most of all, you don’t know what to do next, or what to expect. First, let’s talk facts.…
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disorderly conduct at football at Williams-Brice Stadium

A Disorderly Conduct Arrest can Ruin Your Tailgate

Have fun at your tailgate; but not so much that you end up with a disorderly conduct arrest in the shadow of Williams-Brice stadium. Every fall the time comes when 80,000 plus garnet and black clad fans make their way to Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturdays to watch their beloved Gamecocks take on the opponent of…
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beer pong

Ways college students find themselves in need of a local lawyer

The last thing you want to think of while you’re a college student is being arrested, but an MIP charge (minor in possession), simple possession, fake ID, and even driving under the influence (DUI), are just some of the charges college students might find themselves faced with if they’re not careful. For many of you,…
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